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Driver Safety Solution (DSS)
Fleet view to track multiple vehicles with latest status

Driver Safety Solution (DSS) is a powerful exception management & analytical tool which empowers fleet & safety managers of enterprise to monitor real time driving pattern of vehicles, unsafe driving events (Harsh driving) & geographical driving intelligence, captured by our on-board GPS device. Our Solution ensures the safety of driver, fleet and cargo which reduces claim expenses and protects the company's safety image.

System generates exception alerts on unsafe driving events such as:
  • Over speed
  • Sudden Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Maneuver
  • Stretch Driving
  • Night Drive ( if applicable)

DSS provides analytical post trip safety reports which helps to analyze the driving behavior and to take corrective or preventive measures against drivers across fleet. Our solution provides innovative visualization tool (Both on satellite map and graphical representation) to analyze the driving pattern in case of any accidents or unsafe driving behavior and lowers claim. When coupled with Journey risk management system, it can provide pre-counseling and post counseling report for each of your transport network.

Using DSS module with Fleet Management or Visual cargo Solution a fleet manager or enterprise can:

  • Monitor the hazardous driving pattern with events like Sudden Acceleration, Harsh Braking and Harsh Maneuver in real time
  • Visualize driving data for 60 seconds before the event and 20 seconds post event to analyze the driving pattern and asses
  • Monitor driver/carrier safety index to evaluate performance and ensure enterprise level transport safety compliance
  • Provide verifiable documentation for accident claims, disproving invalid claims and reducing claim costs

Key Benefits:

Real Time Exception Alerting - Fleet manager/Vehicle owner/logistics managers can monitor the unsafe driving events/exceptional driving pattern and negotiate with driver to ensure safety

Driver Performance Analysis - Complete historical performance representation of the driving pattern and exceptional event history based safety index helps to counsel drivers & rate them

Lower Accident Claims - Provide verifiable documentation for accident claims, disproving invalid claims and reducing claim costs

Reduce Vehicle Maintenance Cost - Reduces vehicle component wear and tear thus lowering risk of accidents related to mechanical damage

More of DSS:

  • Independent application to track all vehicles driving exceptions with downloadable data set.
  • User specific setting (limits of speed, acceleration, duration of driving etc.) for the event generation and event loading for safety index
  • Seamlessly integrated with Fleet Management & Visual Cargo Application
  • Alerts in form of Email and SMS to the user configured accounts or phone numbers.

Visualization of exceptional driving event to analyze Driver Information with Safety Rating Visualization of  Driving Behaviour

DSS Brochure
Customer Quote
"With advance range of vehicles in our fleet, GPS system help us to monitor their movement to improve utilization & enhance per vehicle productivity"

- Deepak Baid
  Siddhi Vinayak Logistics Limited
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